Show Schedule


Time Slots Monday
12PM-2PM Eleanor Lanman - "A Case of the Mondays"
2PM-4PM Jamey Adelson and Max Brodsky
4PM-6PM Kyla Spivey and Meredith Lowe- "Sonic Sunshine"
6PM-8PM Matt Esposito- "Ride the New Wave"
8PM-10PM Aurora Heller - Hello Radio!
10PM-12AM Courtney Seto & Rachel Edmonds/Adding to the Noise


Time Slots Tuesday
10AM-12PM David T. Zeppieri "Dark Part of My Mind"
12PM-2PM Andrew Martensen and CJ McGregor
2PM-4PM Matt Mariani and Eric Van der Voort
4PM-6PM Dani Ferrara
6PM-8PM Matt Mariani and Eric Van der Voort
8PM-10PM Ariel Munzer/Maxine Presto
10PM-12AM Lucian C. Gagliola-The RevoLucian HQ


Time Slots Wednesday
10AM-12PM Activity Hour
12PM-2PM Dan Kopf and Steve VanScoy
2PM-4PM Sarah Chavooshian- NY State of Mind
4PM-6PM Michael Cohoon and Alexis Jurewicz
6PM-8PM Liz Horowitz and Veronica Sceri- You Are What You Love
8PM-10PM Dan Collery/Matthew Wilk
10PM-12AM The Kyle Nowinski Show


Time Slots Thursday
10AM-12PM Anthony Ruggeri Joseph Defrancesco - T and J in the Morning
12PM-2PM DJ TJ - T.J.Riordan
2PM-4PM Alex Rich and Chris Leap
4PM-6PM Zak Lansing & George Morris - Ditka Bangin On Me
6PM-8PM Matt Esposito and John Enright
8PM-10PM Kate McGann & Berto Hull
10PM-12AM Mike Vizzi and Nick Sortino


Time Slots Friday
10AM-12PM Ryan Mead, Dean Silfen, Luis Alicea
12PM-2PM Emily Bennetts
2PM-4PM Vinny Ginardi and Mike Aurigemma
4PM-6PM Fiesta Party- Elizabeth Batchelor, Yelesah Haseley
6PM-8PM Popeye's Radio- Mike Cullen


Time Slots Saturday
12PM-2PM Nick Carr, Frankie Ottomanelli, Sarah Pilinko
2PM-4PM Rocco Manfre and Phede Celestin
4PM-6PM John Schander and Chuck Bebber - "Gospel Samba Blitz"


Time Slots      Sunday
10AM-12PM      Steven Sabato, Michael Schwartz, Steven Miller-Snooze Button Sports
12PM-2PM      Alex Roithmayr and Katie Meena
2PM-4PM      Luke Shane and Matt Sutor
4PM-6PM      Tom Smeaton and Jonathan Katz - "Double OT"
6PM-8PM      Kelly Henry and Nick Fugitt
8PM-10PM      Dennisleeseanvittirobmccarthy: Power Hours of Death and Destruction!!!
10PM-12AM      Nick Seinfeld and Andrew Fritzer




Next General Meeting
Wednesday March28th, 2018
TBT @ 9:15
General Meeting
Studio Information Session
Saturday Feb 10th
WMAR Radio Room Time TBD
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