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Zeta Psi seeks the right kind of man - smart, determined, honorable gentlemen - to help ensure the legacy of our 164 year old Brotherhood. We boast leaders in every arena of private and public service, from chief executives to military commanders to Presidential hopefuls, renowned lawyers to leading scientists to influential writers. The caliber of Zeta Psi's exclusive fraternal network speaks for itself.

Zeta Psi Nu Delta Refounding Exective Board

Refounding Supreme Council



Sunday: General meeting
Wednesday 5:30pm Caf: Brother dinner

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Brother Michael Flanigan
  • President: Joseph Colon
    • Vice President: Mitchell Xanders
  • Treasurer: Michael Frontero
  • Secretary: Parkash Garcha
    • Historian: Christopher Siena
  • PR ChairBrandon Arena