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What kind of men are we?

Zeta Psi is a historic, elite, and intimate brotherhood. Since 1847 we have taken pride in the caliber of schools we are at and the quality of men we invite to join. Zeta Psi is established at the best schools in the United States and Canada, and from them, recruits the finest of men — leaders, scholars, athletes, and philanthropists.

It is possible to find brothers wearing letters on the street who you’ve never met and have an instant friend and a great conversation — because each brother cares deeply about being a Zete and the brotherhood. A uniquely valuable sense of community stems from our intimate size and elite style that groups with 100, 200 or more chapters—at any campus that requests membership—can’t match. That sense of real brotherhood is very important to us, and it’s why we have such involved, life-long alumni.

Brothers of Nu Delta Chapter

Spring 2016 - Phi Class

Matthew Marotti Brian Finn Brian Ramey
Michael Mazzeo Ted Dolce Cameron Smith
Liam Healy Jose Carranza  


Fall 2015 - Upsilon Class

Parkash Garcha Daniel Abramson James Artel
Gregory Stevenson Christopher Siena Joseph Colon


Spring 2015 - Tau Class

Sean Patrick McNamara SaStehTsungani Taiwo Bennerson Thomas Charles Ciravolo
Thomas Andrew Crowell Michael James Frontero Shane Patrick King


Fall 2014 - Sigma Class

Mitchell Xanders Brandon Arena Ian Krout
Reynaldo Alvarez Greg Dooney Elio Velazquez
Roger Felix Devin Buonanno Joe Palermo
Peter Ramaglia    


Spring 2014 - Rho Class 

Nick Diglio Mitchell Marrero Timos Pietris
Brandon Tehrani Nick Wurtz Joshua Englander
Kyle Byrne Alexander Warfel Joseph Nuqui


Fall 2013 - Pi Class

Connor Loughlin Dominic Blanchet Jowel Rosario


Spring 2013 - Omicron Class

Tom Gonzalez Eury Fabian Kevin Bruce Anthony Colarusso
Charles Graham Harrison Jordan Walden Keven Lee Johnly Alvarado
Nick Bernardo Mike Parchen    


Fall 2012 - Xi Class

Amir Cardoza Mustafa Ahmed Jacob Bolling Brandon Vargas
Shawn Bartosik Kristofer Bautista Christopher Caballero

Anto Martinovic


Spring 2011 - Nu Class (Refounding)

Benjamin Bruckenthal Christos Pietris Dominique Alexandre Francisco Cruz
Gar Jin Hung George Joubert Hunter Flatt Isaiah Miller
James Arama Jay Arzu Jeorge Fabre Jesus Ramos
John Lu Jonathan Avila Jomar Benoit Jose Amarante
Joseph Thompson Joushua Lopez Karlelle Rice Keith Robertson
Michael Malave Philip Krupka Thurman Reed Nick Davis
Tony Boyle      



Sunday: General meeting
Wednesday 5:30pm Caf: Brother dinner

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Brother Michael Flanigan
  • President: Joseph Colon
    • Vice President: Mitchell Xanders
  • Treasurer: Michael Frontero
  • Secretary: Parkash Garcha
    • Historian: Christopher Siena
  • PR ChairBrandon Arena