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Blow off some steam appealing a parking ticket, relax off campus or peruse official SGA documents.

Previous Administration

2017-2018 The Matthew Marotti Administration

2016-2017 The Brandon Heard Administration

2015-2016 The Timos Pietris Administration

2014-2015 The Christos Pietris Administration

2013-2014 The Deborah Akinwunmi Administration

2012-2013 The Paul DiBlasi Administration

2011-2012 The Andrew Paulsen Administration

2010-2011 The Mathew Lubrano Administration

2009-2010 The Stephen Townsend Administration

2008-2009 The Erik Zeyher Administration

2007-2008 The Omar Diaz Administration

2006-2007 The Maryellen Conway Administration

2005-2006 The Kenneth Juras Administration

2004-2005 The Linda Crane Administration

2003-2004 The Bobbi Sue Gibbons Administration

2002-2003 The Brian McAlpin Administration

2001-2002 The Kevin Hogan Administration

2000-2001 The Seth Tyminski Administration

1999-2000 The Ryan Hunter Administration

1998-1999 The Colleen McCulloch Administration

1997-1998 The Frank Maduri Administration

1996-1997 The Patrick Mara Administration

1995-1996 The Mikael Carlson Administration

1994-1995 The Matthew Gillis Administration

1993-1994 The Kent Rinehart Administration

1992-1993 The Antonella Licari Administration

1991-1992 The Matthew Thomson Administration

1990-1991 The Kevin Desmond Administration

1989-1990 The Kevin Desmond Administration

1988-1989 The Jeff Ferony Administration

1987-1988 The Jeff Ferony Administration

1986-1987 The Peter Prucnel Administration

1985-1986 The Suzanne Ryan Administration

1984-1985 The Anthony Phillips Administration

1983-1984 The Keith Galanti Administration

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